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Robert Bornn
Laura Worth

Local Filmmaker Launches 
New Service to Share Family Memories

December 15, 2004, Vashon Island, WA.  SeaDrift Memories was launched this week on Vashon Island by SeaDrift Media Productions.  This service will use the talents of producer and filmmaker, Robert Bornn and the interviewing skills of Life and Relationship Coach, Laura Worth to help individuals, couples, and entire families immortalize special memories in easily accessible and durable formats.  They will combine their digitally recorded interviews of today's family members with cherished images from a  person's past, family records, movies, and audiotapes .  They will work with clients to mutually customize a story outline for relevance and affordability. 

Says Laura Worth, "I believe every person has stories to tell and every family has a "familylore" that creates family cohesiveness.  Finding and recording those special stories that get told time and time again -- so that no family gathering is complete without telling them -- that's what this service can do."  Worth continues, "Since moving here this summer, I've met people with deep roots on the Island and I've heard them describe the culture here as "family."  I know that Vashon, too, has its lore -- the special stories that give it's culture a "we-feeling."   We'll be looking for opportunities to record and share those stories in the community."

As Robert Bornn explains, "My goal is to help reverse the dehumanization we are seeing in mass culture by supporting people in celebrating the value of personal culture in a way that feels good.  That's the beauty of the hi-tech audio and video tools we have at our disposal today -- we can use them to create work that speak to the heart."  He continues, "and this is the season to launch this kind of service.  People are home for the holidays and re-creating that family-lore all over again every time a story gets re-told.  We would like to help this process along with our services."

Robert recently introduced his nonviolent, nature art movie, Ocean's Edge-Spirit's Journey DVD on the Island.  Laura has recently moved her life and relationship coaching practice to Vashon.  Visit for free samples of the DVD and visit and for more information. Contact Robert or Laura 463-4284.


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Contact Information
Robert Bornn
P.O. Box 2443
Vashon Island, WA 98070
(206) 463-4284


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